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How do I get rid of all my rubbish?

Simply Call Adelaide Rubbish on 0434 579 538! We’ll take care of it all!

There are otherwise a number of steps you could potentially follow;

  • Utilise your council-provided bins for general waste and recycling.
  • Schedule hard waste collections through your local council. (limited)
  • Consider composting or worm farming for organic waste.
  • Drop off hazardous materials at designated facilities.
  • Hire a skip bin or waste removal service like Adelaide Rubbish for larger items or projects.
  • Participate in community clean-up events or recycling programs.

Adelaide offers various options for responsible rubbish disposal, so choose the method that best suits your needs and the type of waste you have.

Using a local business such as ours is the fastest and most hassle free option.

We can take the stress out of the situation and handle everything promptly and professionally. Why not give us a call! We can often offer Same day… or if not Next Day removal!

Who can pick up my hard rubbish in Adelaide?

In Adelaide, several options are available to have your hard rubbish picked up. You can contact your local council to schedule a hard waste collection, typically provided as part of your council services. Alternatively, you may choose to hire a professional waste removal service like Adelaide Rubbish that specialises in hard rubbish removal. We can efficiently and conveniently pick up your bulk waste items, ensuring proper disposal and compliance with local regulations.  A fee for this service will apply, but it can often be done on the same or next day, leaving your home clean and clutter free.  And the best part.?… you wont have to touch a thing as Adelaide Rubbish are a complete hands on removal service.

How much does Rubbish removal cost in Adelaide ?

The cost of rubbish removal can vary significantly depending on several factors. In Adelaide, basic curbside collection provided by the local council is typically included in your rates but you are often limited to one pick up per financial year. However, for specialised services, such as skip bin rentals or private waste removal companies like Adelaide Rubbish, prices can range from $100 to $500 or more, depending on the volume and type of waste, location, and additional services required. It’s advisable to obtain quotes from different providers to find the most cost-effective solution for your specific needs.
Adelaide Rubbish provides free quotes via phone to give you an immediate idea of cost with no delay.

What hard rubbish items do rubbish removal companies take?

Rubbish removal companies typically accept a wide range of hard rubbish items, including old furniture, appliances, electronics, mattresses, garden waste, construction debris, and general household clutter. However, the specific items they take can vary among providers, so it’s essential to check with the company you choose for their accepted items list. Some companies may also have restrictions or additional fees for certain materials, hazardous waste, or exceptionally large items, so it’s best to clarify these details when booking their services.
The team at Adelaide Rubbish can take care of ALL your rubbish.

How much does it cost to get rid of unwanted furniture?

The cost of getting rid of unwanted furniture varies based on factors like your location, the type and size of the furniture, and the disposal method. In Adelaide, for example, it can range from $50 to $200 for a basic furniture removal and disposal service. You can take a look at the average sizes of hard rubbish items on our graphic on the hard rubbish page. If you opt for a skip bin, costs can be higher, depending on the bin size and whether additional fees apply for items like mattresses or electronic waste. It’s advisable to request quotes from local providers to determine the exact cost for your specific needs.

How much to get rid of a broken fridge or washer in Adelaide?

The cost of disposing of a broken fridge and washer in Adelaide can vary. Generally, local councils offer whitegoods collection services as part of your rates, but you may need to book an appointment and wait a period of days or weeks. As an indication, if you opt for a private removal service like Adelaide Rubbish, it could cost around $50 to $150 for each appliance. Prices may differ based on factors like location, size, and specific service providers. It’s advisable to check with your council or request quotes from removal companies to determine the precise cost. Feel free to call us on 0434 579 538 for a Free Quote.

What happens to all the rubbish that is taken away?

Rubbish collected in Adelaide undergoes a well-managed disposal and recycling process.
Adelaide Rubbish has a strong focus on recycling and sustainability, and we use a number of recycling plants in and around Adelaide. These measures aim to reduce the environmental impact of waste and promote responsible disposal practices.
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