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Please find below the typical sizes of most household items for you to estimate your pick up, then call for a FREE QUOTE!  If there’s anything you have that’s not on the list that you want to get rid of. We’ll take that too!

Hard Rubbish Adelaide Household Items

Our Hard Rubbish Removal Process

Using Adelaide Rubbish Removal to help with the waste removal from your home or business is a very simple process.

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Adelaide Rubbish is the only rubbish removal company that will speak to you directly to give you an accurate pricing


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We help you plan your rubbish removal by helping you understand in cubic metres, what will be involved.


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Adelaide rubbish then schedule your rubbish removal based on your convenience.

More About Our Hard Rubbish Removal Service

Disposing of hard rubbish is becoming increasingly complex as local council collections become less frequent. However, Adelaide Rubbish offers a seamless and convenient solution. Our skilled team will visit your property, remove the hard rubbish from its location—whether it’s an upstairs flat or a ground-floor home—and load it into our mobile trailer bins. Simply point out the items you need disposed of, and watch them vanish before your eyes.

Starting at a minimum volume of just two cubic metres, our services can handle any amount of waste you have. We accept a wide variety of items, including mattresses, empty paint tins, white goods, and e-waste. With Adelaide Rubbish handling your hard rubbish, it’s no longer a hassle for you. Enjoy a clean, clutter-free space without lifting a finger.

Residential Hard Rubbish Collection

Residential rubbish is also called urban solid waste. It usually consists of household waste and that waste can be classified into five different categories:

• Recycling

• Biodegradable

• Construction

• Assorted

• Hazardous

Recycling waste includes paper, glass, aluminium, cardboard and plastic. Biodegradable waste is organic waste, such as food scraps and food products. Construction waste is items such as rocks, debris and timber. Assorted waste can include household items such as clothing, shoes and books. Hazardous waste consists of items that are potentially hazardous to the environment or humans, such as paints, transmission fluids, fertilisers, chemicals.

Any of the above types of residential solid waste can be difficult and dangerous to handle. It is advisable that you hire a residential rubbish removal company, such as Adelaide Rubbish, who is qualified to remove the waste for you safely and effectively.

What type of residential hard rubbish collection company to hire:

When hiring a residential hard rubbish collection company, it’s important to do your research and ensure the company you are hiring is reputable and qualified. There are two types of residential rubbish removal companies: a company that just supply bins for you to fill with your own rubbish and a company that will charge you a nominal fee to remove your rubbish.

If you have a small amount of rubbish to be removed you may consider a ‘bin only’ service. If you have a large volume of different types of waste or you are time poor, for your safety a paid rubbish removal company that will pick and take away your rubbish would suit your needs best.

What happens next?

Upon contacting Adelaide Rubbish, we will gain further information regarding the type and amount of waste you wish to dispose of. We will base our quotation on this information. Should you choose to book Adelaide Rubbish for your hard rubbish collection, we will book in the removal on your day of choice.

Included in our service is, not only removal of all waste, but a thorough sweep and clean of the entire dumping ground. We are then responsible for sorting out the waste into the appropriate waste treatment processes.

We recycle approximately 60% of the collected waste and we have extensive facilities to compost the biodegradable waste. We also have special facilities to treat and dispose of hazardous wastes. Additionally, where possible, we use energy recovery plants, where waste is converted into energy.

Adelaide Rubbish is a reputable, trusted residential rubbish removal service. We pride ourselves on our services and try to dispose of all collected residential waste in an environmentally-friendly manner.



Hard Rubbish Adelaide Household Items

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