Handling Waste

The coronavirus pandemic has greatly impacted us all in 2020, drastically changing the way we live our everyday lives. Most of us have been forced to work from home and are limited to engaging in activities outside our homes. We have all been required to rethink our social norms and enforcing good hygiene has never been more important as we all continue to adhere to covid-safe policies. Handling waste efficiently is absolutely crucial in order to minimise the spread of bacteria. As we all adjust to living life in lockdown, there has been a significant increase in household waste. This has led to a greater need for rubbish removal Adelaide and calls for us all to rethink our waste management process.

If you’ve noticed a significant amount of waste build-up during lockdown, you may want to consider reducing the amount of waste you create, recycling and reusing products wherever possible. By cutting back on buying unnecessary items which contain an excessive amount of packaging, you can greatly reduce your rubbish load. Recycling is another easy way you can organise your waste and ensure it is being disposed of appropriately, whilst also helping the environment. Reuse items wherever possible! Reuse plastic shopping bags, cardboard boxes or glass jars to cut back on your levels of waste. By following these three steps, you can greatly reduce your level of waste in order to endure the lockdown period.

One of the positive aspects of lockdown is how we all have more time than ever to give our homes a spring clean and declutter, removing any unwanted items. However, this does mean we see an increase in our rubbish loads. As you sift through your wardrobes, try to organise your items to see what can be salvaged. Some items including clothing, footwear and furniture can be donated to various charity organisations. If the items are still in good condition, drop them off to your local charity and lighten your rubbish load. You’ll also be helping out the less fortunate who need help now more than ever.

Covid-19 has made us all cautious about the people we invite into our homes and especially the services we utilise. When inviting a rubbish removal company into your home, you expect them to adhere to the rules and regulations enforced by our Government. At Adelaide Rubbish, we enforce strict covid-safe measures at all times and can guarantee your safety. We always dispose of rubbish appropriately and do everything we can to make the rubbish removal process as convenient as possible, providing you with peace of mind. When seeking a rubbish removal company throughout the pandemic, always consider how they are complying with covid-19 rules and regulations. This will help you make the right decision for not only yourself but your family and all those who enter your home.

As 2020 slowly comes to an end, we cannot help but reflect over the year and notice how much we have all needed to change our lives and adapt to the “new norm”. Waste build-up has seen a major increase and so too has the requirement for rubbish removal services. The best way you can maintain your rubbish safely throughout lockdown is to utilise the services of a covid-safe company. Adelaide Rubbish is your #1 Rubbish Removal Adelaide and continues to take safe hygiene measures in order to fight the spread of the corona virus. For the best rubbish removal service in Adelaide call Clive today on 0420 102 087.

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