Hard rubbish can be a nightmare to get rid of. If you are moving house or office, having a clear-out or simply upgrading a few household items, disposing of your old objects can cause a major headache. Hard rubbish includes large items that cannot be disposed of normally via the council’s refuse collection. Often you will need professionals to help with your hard rubbish collection.

What is hard rubbish collection?

Hard rubbish is refuse that is not picked up by the council during normal household refuse collection. This includes large objects like white goods as well as green waste. Items with specific disposal requirements like mattresses and tyres also fall into the category. Hard rubbish collection needs to be provided by a professional company.

Hard rubbish makes moving home difficult

Moving home is a very stressful time. Along with arranging the sale and purchase of property and moving your possessions, comes the difficulty of disposal. In every house move, owners are faced with items that they cannot transport to their new house or realise they no longer need. It is often only after the fact that people realise they need a hard rubbish collection service. Arranging a removal company is simple enough but how do you dispose of the mountain of rubbish you have acquired over the years? You may be many miles from the nearest rubbish dump and even if you are close to one, you may not have the time. Most people do not have a suitable vehicle or trailer to transport all their hard waste. It can present a major problem – a problem that is solved with hard rubbish.

Do not dump or leave it behind

It may be tempting to leave your hard waste behind or dump it in a public space. Roadside dumping is illegal and if you do it you could be fined hundreds of dollars. Always engage a reputable provider for your hard rubbish collection requirements.

What are the solutions to your hard rubbish collection problems?

The best way to deal with your refuse is to hire a company that specialises in hard rubbish. A company like Adelaide Rubbish will arrive at your location with mobile skip bins and load all of your refuse for you. It is then taken to a transfer station (not landfill) so it can be recycled. A reputable hard rubbish collection service will ensure that if anything is recyclable, it will never end up in landfill. If it is a reputable company, you will only be charged for the volume collected and not per hour. Preferable to the old skip services which charge daily, hard rubbish collecting is a quick and cost-effective choice.

A good company specialising in rubbish collection will remove anything you require including mattresses, tyres, old white goods, timber, plastics, paint and any other household or garden refuse.

The reason people choose hard rubbish collection is because it is cost effective and the customer does not have to do any lifting. It means that the days of having a skip in the front yard are long gone, so you can avoid an ugly and expensive skip blocking and damaging your driveway.

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