Did you know Australians have generated around 75.8 million tonnes of solid waste during the year of 2018-2019. This was a 10 percent increase from the previous period of 2016-2017. Households in Australia made a combined effort of generating 12.4 million tonnes of waste in 2018-2019.
There is plenty we can do as average Australians to help our earth out and improve how we manage our rubbish removal. We need to be consciously thinking about our rubbish removal methods. Improper rubbish removal in Adelaide leads to excess rubbish going to our landfills and overfilling them which leads to rubbish going into our streams and rivers, endangering wildlife and humans. Here are some consequences of improper rubbish removal.

Water pollution – Rubbish Removal

Besides making our rivers and streams looking unpleasant, rubbish flowing in our waterways can clog up pipes and cause blockages throughout our city and end up putting harmful materials and minerals into our oceans. Sewage runoff contamination poses a huge and rather difficult task to steralise the water to be suitable for human consumption and use.

Soil contamination – Rubbish Removal

Rubbish thrown on the side of the road or rubbish falling out of your bin can go a very long way once the wind picks it up and carries it away. Wind can carry plastic bags and other debris for kilometres and rubbish under tires can go even further and end up somewhere where it could sit for days on end even months or years, contaminating the soil around it. Soil contamination is the most prominent result of improper rubbish removal.

Animal health risks

As we are all aware, old fishing nets and fishing lines do a lot of damage to our water life but one thing that affects not only animals in our waters but also on our land is plastics. Birds and fish tend to eat whatever they find on land and float in the water.
Styrofoam, plastic bottles and plastic can rings are found extensively in the wild and in our bush land, animals use these materials to build nests for their newborns. When our animal life eats the landfill that we leave behind it can get into their system passing on toxins to us when eating the animal.

Human health concerns

Irresponsible rubbish removal harms humans the most in many ways. Landfill workers are more at risk than others, although with the massive increase of landfill overuse means there isn’t enough people to sort rubbish. This is where you come in, rubbish removal and waste management is solely up to us and we can start the process in our own homes. By using our green waste bin properly we can stop putting food scraps and biodegradable products in a plastic bag that won’t degrade. Recycling our cans, bottles and papers properly allows them to be sorted at recycling plants for reuse, saving money and a little part of our planet.
The major cause of human harm is from our landfills overflowing. As wind blows over landfills it contaminates the air which said air can flow into nearby homes or schools which can lead to them having a higher risk of getting health issues.

Bacteria and disease from pests

If waste is left behind and not disposed of properly it creates habitats for rodents and pests. Infestations of these pests cause major headaches for home and business owners as they leave feces and urine behind. They eat through wiring and wood allowing them to get into your home to transfer dirt, toxins and other harmful materials.

It is our responsibility to keep on top of our rubbish removal and waste management. There are many ways of disposing of your waste appropriately and efficiently. Contact a professional rubbish removalist to ensure you are disposing of your hard, green or household waste appropriately.

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