What is green rubbish?

Green rubbish is biodegradable waste that can consist of plant or food waste. You’re probably aware of the many forms of green rubbish if your city has green bins as part of its weekly rubbish collection. Coffee grounds, fruits and vegetables, and plants, among other things, are examples of green rubbish. As long as the item is composed of a biological substance, such as paper, it is considered as green rubbish. Green rubbish removal is a professional service for these kinds of trash.

Why is green rubbish removal important?

Because it can be sent to the right place! Green waste can release a lot of carbon dioxide every year. Proper storage of green rubbish has wide-ranging benefits for homeowners, councils, and the environment. Green Rubbish removal will reduce our landfills. This is very important because biodegradable organic matter is thrown into landfills, which is not a good idea. Large amounts of methane are released when it decomposes. Methane contributes to atmospheric damage and global warming, so the more green waste that goes into landfills, the greater the negative impact on the environment.

Here’s what happens after green rubbish removal:

  • Trucks will transport the green rubbish to the organics processing facility.
  • Green rubbish is strewn over the floor of a huge warehouse in preparation for sorting. This is a vital procedure for removing any big, hazardous, or inorganic materials. Odours might be unpleasant, but these facilities use biofilters powered by organic materials and wood chips to eliminate them.
  • Once the green waste has been carefully sorted, it’s fed into giant composters that use bacteria and high temperatures to kill dangerous organisms that could contaminate the fertilizer. Waste takes at least three days to process in these composters.
  • After the previous step is completed, the unfinished fertilizer is re-sorted on the conveyor belt. The aim is to remove any plastic or metal pieces missed during the first sorting stage.
  • The processed green rubbish is then stored in a big air shed for nearly a month, where the temperature and humidity remain high.
  • Fertilizers are sorted and filtered again as a final check for any contamination or foreign matter.
  • Finally, fertilizer from green rubbish is donated to farms and public gardens to nourish the soil and help grow healthy plants and trees.

Green rubbish removal will bring sustainable development to our society. Would you like to contribute to this? If yes, please contact us at Adelaide Rubbish. We are a local business in Adelaide. Contact us today to schedule your green rubbish removal service!

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