Why hire green waste removal services?

Rubbish collection is something most of us take for granted, and while many states are limited to rubbish and recycling bins, in Adelaide we have green waste removal as well. These green-lidded bins allow us to dispose of our lawn clippings and weed, leave them on the curbside, and they’re taken away the next day without us lifting a finger.

If you have a decent sized backyard, or find yourself doing more garden maintenance than usual, suddenly you’ll find your 240-litre bin doesn’t quite accommodate your pile of branches, clippings, or soil that you need to remove. That’s why we’re here.

Can you put your green waste in landfill?

Because councils in the Adelaide area collect your regular waste more regularly than your green waste, some people try to put the excess green waste in their normal rubbish bins for a few weeks, until it’s all gone. Aside from the obvious issue of keeping your green waste sitting around for weeks on end, putting green rubbish with your normal rubbish is very bad for the environment.

When disposed of correctly, green waste is composted. This allows it to decompose with oxygen, which turns it into compost that improves soil quality, so that gardens, crops and pastures can grow better.

On the other hand, if green waste is put with your regular waste it will be dumped in landfill. In landfill, green waste decomposes without oxygen, a process that produces global-warming gases and harmful substances that pollute ground water. Who knew your green waste had potential to be so damaging?

In short, don’t put your green waste in another bin!

What about cleaning up your back yard yourself?

A couple of non-harmful ways to get rid of your garden waste is to do it yourself by hiring a mobile skip, or by taking it to the dump. Both require heavy and/or messy work, going to the dump can be quite time-consuming, and hiring a skip can be awkward, unsightly, or both. For most people, it’s far easier and less time consuming to have the hard work done for you.
The professional alternative
In Adelaide, professional green waste removal is one of easiest ways to remove your tree branches, clippings, leaves and logs, without you lifting a finger. A waste service will simply bring over their mobile trailer bin, remove the waste, and take it to an appropriate transfer station.

Most professional waste removal companies offer mobile trailer bins in a range of different sizes to suit the amount of green waste you need to dispose of.

Adelaide’s most reliable green waste removal service

At Adelaide Rubbish, we’re proud to be known as one of the friendliest, most reliable, and most affordable waste removers in the region. We love nothing better than seeing the happy faces of our customers as we leave their yards clean and free of rubbish. These are a few of the reasons that our customers love us back:

We do it all for you, and clean it up when we’re done

It’s our job to make it easy for you, and that means you don’t have to do a thing. Simply tell us where the waste is, and we will collect and load it up. We will also make sure to leave the area we’ve collected from clean and tidy.

We can load it from multiple spots on your property
Do you have a pile of hedge trimmings at the front, and some old logs around the back? If so, don’t bother moving them. We will collect from multiple parts of your property to save you the hassle.

We pack tightly, to give you value for money

At Adelaide Rubbish, our green waste removal bins range from 3 cubic metres to 13 cubic metres, but you only pay for the amount that’s being removed rather than the bin size.

Because we charge by volume, we pack your green waste in as tightly as possible to give it to you for the cheapest possible rate.

None of your waste goes to landfill
We only ever take your green waste to transfer stations that have outstanding track records of sending waste to the right places. This means that instead of ending up harmfully decomposing in landfill, your green waste will be sent somewhere it can be composted and made good use of.

We do more than green waste

Adelaide Rubbish collects more than just green waste – we also remove general domestic and commercial waste, e-waste, and building construction waste. This means that when we come around to pick up your green waste, if you have other waste you need removed we can do a size estimate and quote while we’re there.

If you have excess waste from your gardening or property clean up lying around, it’s not worth the time and hassle of other options. Simply call Adelaide Rubbish on [insert number], and we’ll be straight out to help you with it.

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