During these uncertain times, we’ve all faced challenges in many aspects of our lives. As we’ve all been forced into lockdown, most businesses have had to close their doors and stop trading. As for the businesses which have been fortunate enough to remain open, strict hygiene and social distancing measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of their customers.
Rubbish build-up has been a major concern for many households as a result of COVID-19. Many are using their free time to do major cleanouts within their homes and even begin renovations. If you are requiring a service such as rubbish removal, it’s so important to choose a business who will adhere to hygiene rules and will keep your family safe.

Why should I use a rubbish removal service during and after COVID-19?

Throughout the lockdown period, most of us have been forced to remain home and avoid public places unless necessary. With people spending more time home now than ever, more people have found themselves doing all the jobs they so often put off time and time again. Decluttering and sorting out unwanted items, leads to rubbish loads across the country piling up and waiting to be disposed of. With most recycling depos and charity stores closed, it’s become quite a difficult task to manage your rubbish and unwanted items. Having a build-up of rubbish in your homes doesn’t only look unappealing but isn’t hygienic either. Fortunately, at Adelaide Rubbish Removal we’ve remained open right through the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, assisting many households right across Adelaide and while continuing to practice safe hygiene.

How do I safely manage my waste during & after the pandemic?

There has been limited access to services we may have been using prior to the pandemic. Most families have had to deal with cleaning and disposing of excess waste and rubbish on their own terms. Whether it’s generic rubbish i.e. empty boxes, packaging, food scraps or perhaps you’re renovating and have old timber laying around, or maybe you’ve done a wardrobe clean out. One of the biggest tips is to sort out your rubbish accordingly. Whatever needs to be removed by a rubbish removal service, keep in a pile in an open space. If you have clothing items you were hoping to donate to your favourite charity, box them up and keep them stored until the stores reopen. By being organised with your rubbish throughout the COVID-19 period, you can keep you and your loved ones safe.

What should I keep in mind when choosing a waste removal service?

If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you’ve accumulated a large amount of rubbish which won’t fit within your council bins, contact a waste removal service. You should be conscious of choosing a business who prioritise the health and safety of their clients and their employees (especially during the COVID-19 period). At Adelaide Rubbish, we are taking all measures necessary to do so. Our team follows a strict set of rules which enforce social distancing, the use of PPE, frequent sanitisation, identification and reporting of potential risks/hazards and NO CASH PAYMENTS. Here at Adelaide Rubbish will do all the hard work for you and for a reasonable price. At Adelaide Rubbish, we provide our customers with a free quote and will come out to your home, load the rubbish into our trailer bins and take it away. It’s important to consider these points to ensure your health is not put at risk and you can safely manage your waste.

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