Rubbish that is hard to dispose of can be a headache. It can be tedious to dispose of old objects when you are moving house or office, clearing out your closet or just upgrading a few household items. Generally, hard rubbish is large items that cannot be disposed of through the council’s refuse collection system. The collection of hard rubbish often requires the help of professionals. Rubbish Removal Adelaide companies can help you remove all your hard waste and make your life so much easier!


What is Hard Waste?

Hard waste falls under the category of pretty much anything you cannot fit in your general waste bin, here are some examples:


  • Fridge 
  • Mattress
  • Furniture
  • Piano 
  • T.V.
  • Wardrobes 
  • Carpet
  • Washing machines 


Things to know before disposing of your hard waste 

Not everything can be disposed of. Many household objects can be recycled or have alternative options. Consider this before you begin your disposal process. If you’re unsure of what you can and cannot remove, get in touch with a Rubbish Removal Adelaide company that can help you with this!

Changing homes can be a very stressful experience. In addition to the purchase and sale of property, disposing of personal belongings is a challenging process. When moving to a new home, owners often find themselves with items they cannot transport or that they no longer need. People usually realize they need a hard rubbish collection service after the fact. While arranging an affordable removal company is easy enough, how can you get rid of the mountains of trash that have accumulated over time? There may be a long distance between you and the nearest rubbish dump, or even if you are close but don’t have time, you may not have the time to visit one. A trailer or vehicle suitable for transporting hard waste is rarely available to most people. 


A company specializing in hard rubbish is the best choice for dealing with your refuse. If you hire a company such as Adelaide Rubbish, they will deliver mobile skip bins to your location and load all of your waste for you. After that, it is transported to a transfer station (not a landfill) for recycling. When you hire a reputable hard rubbish collection service, you can rest assured that any recyclables won’t end up in landfills. Generally, you will only be charged per volume collected by a reputable company, not per hour. It is more cost-effective and faster than skip bin services that charge daily.


Our team of professionals at Adelaide Rubbish will come to your property, and collect all the things you need to discard from your yard during one quick visit. We are dedicated, trustworthy professionals with 30 years experience in the Rubbish Removal Adelaide industry, we are quick and efficient with our services and get your unwanted belongings out of your hair before you know it. No job is too big or too small for us, we manage all your waste and disposal needs to help your home and life feel less cluttered. Please fill out the contact form here or call 0420 102 087 to get in touch with us today.

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