With the ever growing progressiveness of computers and other electronics we can end up with a pile of old electronics that either don’t work any more or are simply outdated by the new technology. Electronic waste removal is becoming an ever growing need for businesses and homeowners. E-waste cannot simply be put in your council recycle bin or a general rubbish bin, there are many risks not only to the environment but also a cybersecurity risk by simply throwing out your old computers and phones in the rubbish bin. Adelaide Rubbish has all the knowledge and equipment to collect and properly dispose of all your e-waste rubbish.

What is E-waste?

E-waste is any electronic that is nearing the end of its “useful life”, not working or unwanted. Items such as computers, televisions, VCRs, Stereos, copiers, fax machines, laptops and any other everyday electronic item. E-waste is a very easy type of rubbish to collect and ignore, as a new updated product comes out we may just slip the old laptop in the cupboard and forget about it until we discover it years later and not know where the charger is and decide to throw it out. The issue with just throwing it out and not using a professional rubbish removal company is that e-waste hides many toxic materials and can damage the environment dramatically if it is not recycled properly.

E-waste rubbish removal the right way.

Disposing of e-waste is normally a huge hassle for most people, you either need to do multiple trips to your local electronics disposing plant, hire a trailer and carry the items yourself. If you have large items like a fridge or old television you may not be able to carry it. This is where you need to hire a professional rubbish removal company. With Adelaide rubbish you don’t need to stress, all you need to do is gather all of your rubbish items together or point the team in the direction of all the waste you would like removed and they will load everything up and remove the rubbish for you.

Why do businesses need proper e-waste removal?

Businesses need to be careful when organising e-waste rubbish removal as many computers will have data on them that needs to be either stored safely or destroyed properly. It is highly recommended that businesses go through a professional rubbish removal company that ensures all the e-waste is recycled and not just ending up in landfill where data can be leaked. Adelaide rubbish will not only remove and recycle your e-waste but other general waste, hard rubbish and commercial rubbish. If your business is redesigning or moving location and you have various types of rubbish that need to be removed you can rest assured that Adelaide Rubbish can take all the waste from your location, organise and recycle at their facility, leaving your commercial space rubbish free.
Why recycle e-waste?
E-waste is just as important as recycling any other form of rubbish. Electronics are made up of gold, silver, copper and palladium, all of these metals need to be recycled so they can be used again for more electronics moving forward. Rubbish removal Adelaide takes this seriously and will ensure that all e-waste and other forms of hard, general and commercial rubbish they obtain will be recycled and disposed of correctly. By recycling all electronic waste correctly we can greatly reduce the impact of environmental damage through landfills, pollution and contamination.
Adelaide rubbish prides themselves on taking on all the responsibility of collecting, removing and disposing of all types of waste from your location whether the rubbish is in your backyard, office space, or construction site. Get in contact with the team from Adelaide Rubbish on (08) 7007 0767 to organise your e-waste rubbish removal needs.

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