On 22/02/2022,  According to a new OECD report, the world produces twice as much plastic waste as it did two decades ago, with most of it ending up in landfill, incineration or leaking into the environment, with only 9% successfully recycled Improper waste management not only makes your surroundings unpleasant, but it also creates potential risks to your health. Maintaining a clean home, office, garden and environment is a prerequisite for a healthy and fulfilling life. However, the process is tiring and frustrating. That’s where trash removal services come in. Professional service not only keeps the environment clean, but also maintains the overall hygienic atmosphere. These companies take on the challenge of disposing of waste efficiently and effectively, therefore simplifying the lives of countless customers. Unfortunately, most people are simply unaware of the benefits of professional trash removal. As the owner of a garbage removal company, this is certainly one.To help you understand my perspective, I have outlined all the benefits my business can offer to further create awareness for rubbish removal.Whether you are a homeowner or business owner or renting or leasing, garbage is generated. Your morning cup of tea yields a used tea bag, which is a waste. On a commercial scale, any product in the packaging or any printing paper would end up being wasted. Every act of using anything purchased can generate garbage.

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Efficient and Professional rubbish removal service in Adelaide

Let professional people do professional things. From electronic scrap to metal nuggets or any other perishable item, we know how to handle specific wastes and dispose of them properly. Now, our professional team has taken garbage disposal to a new level. We use the right equipment and technology to minimise the adverse impact of waste on nature and the surrounding environment. We strictly comply with national and environmental regulations. In short, hiring a professional removes all kinds of risks.

Timely waste management service

Today, time is money; whether you are at work or at home. Our time is precious. You don’t want to waste it removing trash from your home or office yourself when someone dedicated can do it for you. Stay productive at work or spend valuable time with your family and turn your waste over to a waste disposal service. Adelaide Rubbish provides prompt service. They will regularly clear your house and garden to keep you and your family safe. We understand the importance of our work, which is why we effectively remove waste before it causes any health hazards.

Correct waste sorting and disposal

Proper sorting and disposal of waste is just as important as its collection. Adelaide, for example, has a special way of handling specific waste and professionals know what to do with which type of waste. Biodegradable waste is buried underground or disposed of in landfills. There are certified e-waste recyclers that can dispose of e-waste safely and efficiently. We dispose of waste in a way that has the least impact on the environment.

Another reason you should hire Adelaide Rubbish is to help get your recyclables right (what can and cannot be recycled). Most people don’t have access to recycling bins and end up throwing a lot of their recyclables along with their general waste. Then it ends up in a landfill, which is very harmful to the environment. Please click “Recycling & Waste” to read more information.

Your time is valuable. Call Adelaide Rubbish. 

In fact, dealing with household waste is often a difficult process. You first need to collect and sort your waste, then you have to drive to the nearest landfill or recycling station for disposal. Cleaning, hauling and disposing of trash can take hours, but not for the Adelaide Rubbish team. They won’t waste your precious time. Once they start working, they finish it within the allocated time.


Rubbish removal may seem like a harmless process, especially in the home; however, it can be very dangerous, especially in a commercial setting. Precautions and appropriate safety measures should always be taken when handling large, heavy and hazardous waste. If you don’t have a waste management program for hazardous waste, it can have disastrous consequences. Certain types of waste are toxic and can have adverse health effects. If you use our services, you can easily and safely remove hazardous waste.

Environmental friendly

There are many rules about what can and cannot be recycled today. Some plastics can, and some can’t. Sorting waste has led many people to forget how to recycle properly. Did you know a single piece of non-recyclable waste can ruin the environment of an entire area? This is true! And, when that happens, waste that could have been recycled ends up in landfills. This in turn produces harmful gases that are not good for us.


There are many benefits to hiring a professional trash removal company instead of cleaning the trash yourself. Professionals will save you time and money, they will ensure that your waste is recycled to the maximum, and they will remove your waste safely and dispose of it properly. Our professional waste removal team will come to your property and collect everything you need to throw away from the yard during one quick visit. We are dedicated, trusted professionals with 30 years of experience in the Adelaide waste removal industry, our service is fast and efficient.  Get in touch today via our contact form or simply by giving us a call! 

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